“Europeans are much more open about nudity

An hour later we were on the other side of the mountain on the outskirts of Quepos, next door to Manuel Antonio, where the landscape changes from rolling hillsides to flat, endless rows of decaying palms and an occasional decrepit banana plantation. The gloomy vista was a developing nation surprise, but it turned out to […]

, the music is actually pleasant to listen to on its own accord

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation is an independent, national health philanthropy dedicated to providing information and analysis on health issues to policymakers, the media and the general public. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. In all fairness however, the music really is not that bad. After listening to it again minus […]

The time has come to let the dragon training end

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canada goose uk shop We needed a beach trip but were on a tight budget. We felt VERY nervous about this location because of low ratings; however we were pleasantly surprised. Here’s the gist. At every opportunity, teach others about what you do and who you are, as a person. Provide valuable, useful information. Always […]